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Jacqueline LaMont

“We decided to retain Greenwich Design Group to oversee our entire renovation instead of using a licensed architect. GDG was able to hold our hands thru the whole construction project from beginning to end. They helped us put together a realistic budget, pick out all of our tile and bathroom fixtures, paint colors, flooring, lighting, furniture and accessories. I don't believe there is one area of our new house that GDG did not help us with. We saved alot of $$$ by not hiring an architect and wound up with a better product in the end because now the house is all decorated too!”

Suzanne Bennett

"Wow....hiring Michele Perri from Greenwich Design Group was like a divine intervention....she was able to transform my living space from utter chaos to serenity overnight! She has magical powers!"

Nicole Harrington

"I was in desperate need of some "design help" in my house. We had been living in our house for the past 8 years and seemed to be getting swallowed up by the mess of it all. We lost all sense of style and order of things. Stuff was everywhere. Greenwich Design Group came into our home and "cleaned out the clutter". Michele and her crew helped us to pair down our belongings, move our furniture around and brought a breath of fresh air to our home. We didn't even need to spend alot of money. As a result, our house is cleaner, lighter, more efficient and has great style. It feels soooo much better!"
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